The WP1 will be responsible for formalizing the collaboration between the partners, to enhance their respective expertise and the interaction among the different work packages. This WP will oversee the project activities in terms of goals and achieved milestones, review of deliverables, compliance with legal aspects, etc.


WP2 will focus on identifying the needs of businesses, public administration, and professionals in the field of technologies for healthy and active aging environments. Additionally, it will focus on developing a business strategy to convince potential clients to use the services provided by DANTE and the EDIH Network. WP2 will define in detail the catalog of services offered by the Project, the activities related to their provision, etc. Finally, end users will be involved in activities that will adopt advanced co-design techniques.


It will encompass the actions that will enable the provision of DANTE services to potential clients. The service delivery processes of the Project will be managed, ensuring a high level of quality. This WP is responsible for managing the front-end technologies that will be employed to deliver and support DANTE services.


It will be responsible for communication and dissemination towards the external stakeholders. A systematic plan will be created to communicate and disseminate the Project’s results and their impact through marketing and communication campaigns, also supporting a networking strategy at national and international levels.

The project DANTE has received funding from the European Union’s Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) 2021-2023