The Botanical Garden of Padua sets the stage for the event “Building a Northeast Research-Driven Innovation Ecosystem,” organized on Friday, May 31, starting at 4 PM.

After the institutional greetings and an introduction to the evening, the event opens with the roundtable “An Ecosystem for Innovation 5.0,” featuring Franco Bonollo from the University of Padua and President of Consorzio iNEST, Antonella Candiotto, President and CEO of Galdi S.r.l., Confindustria Veneto-Est, Improvenet Rir, Luciano Gamberini from the University of Padua, Coordinator of Spoke5 iNEST, Smile, Dante EDIH, Ict4ssl Rir, Massimo Guglielmi, President of Consorzio Smact Competence Centre, University of Padua, Gianni dal Pozzo, CEO of Considi S.p.A., Innovative and Technological Services, Confindustria Nazionale, and Franco Scolari, Director of Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico, Ctn Smile. The session will be moderated by Giovanni De Luca, Regional Director of Rai Venice.

Following this, the panel “Towards 5.0: Environment, People, Technologies,” coordinated by Alessandro Beghi from the University of Padua, will take place. Presenters include Pierluigi Barbieri, Spoke8, Gian Antonio Susto, Spoke5, Franco Fummi, Spoke5, Andrea Furlan, Spoke5, Federica Nenna, and Giulia Bassi, Spoke5.

After the introduction to the second cascading call North-East, South, by iNEST, the evening will conclude with a poster session and a networking dinner organized by researchers from the University of Padua and companies involved in the projects: Dante EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub), Dare (Digital Lifelong Prevention), iNEST (Innovation Ecosystem of the North-East), Smile (National Technological Cluster on Living Environments), and the Regional Innovative Network Ict4ssl (ICT for Smart and Sustainable Living).