Organized by the Digital Enterprise Point of the Chamber of Commerce of Lecce , in partnership with the National Technological Cluster SMILE – Smart Living Technologies this initiative is part of the Framework Agreement that envisions a synergistic collaboration aimed at supporting local businesses in the operational areas of the Dante EDIH project (Digital Solutions for a Healthy, Active and Smart Life), particularly in the thematic areas of healthy and active aging, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), and smart environments.

The seminar, in addition to presenting initiatives from the Puglia Region in Innovation and Welfare, will offer the opportunity to explore, through the illustration of practical cases, the vision and development prospects for SMEs in the health, wellness, and living environments sector through the use of new technologies brought about by the digital transformation process. This will be followed by a presentation of the services that DANTE and PID Lecce will make available to businesses in Salento to seize and exploit all existing opportunities in terms of innovation 5.0, with possibilities of accessing these services funded up to 100%.

Participation in the seminar is free with prior registration at the link