On October 31, 2023, in Naples, organized by DANTE in collaboration with the partners of the European Ai4HealthSec EU H2020 Project and eHealthNet24 Scarl, an important event for healthcare professionals will take place.

The Ai4HealthSec EU H2020 Project, which involves 15 European partners, aims to develop an advanced IT solution to improve the detection and analysis of cyber threats and attacks on healthcare IT infrastructures. Additionally, it is committed to raising awareness among healthcare professionals about current cybersecurity and privacy risks, with particular attention to ethical issues. This event will provide a platform to present the activities and results achieved in the context of the AI4HEALTHSEC project. The needs of the region and the industrial sector regarding cybersecurity in healthcare will also be explored.

The DANTE project will be at the center of these discussions, presenting actions aimed at meeting the growing cybersecurity needs in the healthcare sector. We warmly invite you to participate in this unique opportunity, where industry experts will share valuable knowledge and where we will have the opportunity to discuss and address the crucial challenges related to cybersecurity in healthcare.

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